I Can't Believe Our Whole Film Set Lived In Arizona

Ok, ok, we left Arizona but, as we had dinner last night with some of the amazing art folk of Phoenix and after having such an amazing time there in general, I felt the need to give one more hearty thank you and farewell! First Heather Lineberry, the phenomenal, thoughtful curator who, after seeing the preview in Miami two years ago, followed Gravity through to completion and was seriously one of the first people to be supportive of this project! I can't even begin to thank her (and her overabundant coolness) enough! Gordon Knox, the new director of the ASU Art Musuem who started his time in Arizona when we began our install, was there as well-  a brilliant man whose ideas are engaging and enormous. I hope he finds his place at the musuem and is able to both support the amazing curatorial talent he has while bringing his own scope to this exceptional institution. John Spiak is also part of the museums fuel, even bringing Brent out there years ago with his short films! He tends to work on intrigueing projects with all types of artists, reaching out to everyone to spread the word on the vast Phoenix art scene & all it can do!

Lastly at dinner was Jon Haddock! Not only is Jon the nicest man on the planet, he is also pretty much one of the most amazing artists I've ever met (socio-political hand cranked boxes? vintage cartoon style mouse pornography? sexy photos reedited to remove the figures leaving only the bland, empty sadness of the surroundings behind?) his concepts and execution are both refined, interesting and, quite often, tinged with a sense of humor that all come together to make what he does incomparable! Sitting there eating falafels wih this group of current, creative, genius Arizonians made me so grateful for being allowed to have this experience and to share our project with them and everyone else from this strange desert land! O, and those who opted out of dinner after helping us all day- a huge, huge thank you to Stephen & Chris who win the preparators of the year award! Their own artistic skill, smarts and just plain awesomeness made every aspect of putting this show together (and taking it down) an absolutely amazing experience! Ok, ok, do you get it? Arizona was amazing! If only the rest of the state could get its act together..teehee...cough-cough...



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