Watch for Icicles Falling From the Polymer Synthesis Building

After all of the loading, driving, unloading and then more driving I'm glad we're stationed in Troy, NY for a few days. The reason we are stationed here is due to the lovely people of EMPAC- you might remember them from Brent's two previous (sold out! yay!) performances! Associated with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center has a great residency program where they basically let artists play with their super computers and cutting edge technology to try and figure out creative ways to use or modify science!

Brent has currently embarked on a residency here with today being the first day of studio tests for an animation/video/sculpture piece..? I think? Something like that...we'll see! For now I shall revel in the biting cold of Troy, actually, I feel slightly at home here since this is my grandmother's old college stomping ground where she trained to be an engineer and bring microwaves to us all! Way to go Grandma (heats burrito, smiles at heritage)...!



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