My New Kentucky Home Good Night

We unloaded two entire trucks in Louisville Kentucky yesterday, then we drove home, slept a little, woke up and drove some more! Ending up in Troy, NY via New York City and some area of Pennsylvania we had never been before due to a closed highway (can they do that?)! Before we get to Troy our entire film set is in pieces in the basement of a building on East Broadway in downtown Louisville Kentucky (and boy are my arms tired)!

The current basement home of the set belongs to LOT (Land of Tomorrow, which is supposedly an old Native American name for Kentucky) an artspace that started in Lexington and only recently expanded to this spot. The gallery building is completely beautiful, sources say it may have once been an elaborate YMCA which makes sense given the ornate molding and odd-pool like landings- all of which make me excited to rebuild our town/set in this gorgeous, revitalized spacec (pictured)!

While in Louisville, we even got a (lucky) chance to stay at 21C, another space run by the founders of Art Without Walls who are the organization behind bringing Gravity to this Kentucky locale, the legendary museum hotel! Yeah, it's pretty neat...the main show they had up in the lobby gallery space now was perfect for our stay too; Tracey Snelling's film noir feeling installation of hotels and horror movies felt like it was meant for the film nerd inside me and a piece in one of the back galleries by this artist (who knew inside out plush animals would be so poetic, spooky and machine cold?) made the show feel like it too was meant for me! The museum also sponsored a piece from one of my favorite artist/designers awhile back, Stefan Sagmeister, whose evil art monkey balloons dotted the landscape of this old Kentucky town spelling out a perfect sentence of a sad truth.

Great times in Louisville with more to come when we build up the set in April- Kentucky in the Spring, juleps for everyone!



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