The Loudness of New York City Trains

We arrived in The Netherlands yesterday (after a cancelled flight and British airport security tried its best not to get us here) but, before embarking on our strange journey, we stopped a moment in New York City on our way down from Troy, NY (pictured below) to see some close friends which truly began our trip in the best possible way!

First, we followed Martha Colburn, who oddly enough also has a film premiering at the Rotterdam International Film Festival too, to a live cable access show taping at Louis V E.S.P. (pictured). The music was really really good and I noticed that their previous line up had been pretty spectacular as well (especially Erica Magrey , the lower eastside NYC darling whose alter ego Metalmags seems to constantly seep into my life, in the best way possible!).

Then it was onto the house of some good friends we hadn't seen in awhile, the wonderful Chris & Tim! I didn't get a chance to write about Chris Doyle 's newest work when it premiered in the fall but he has somehow managed to mix his perfect artisan skills with his fresh, clean animating style to make some stunning, new, dense apocalyptic work- way better in its huge immersive environment but here are some images to peak your interest! The day of our flight was spent doing chores and hanging with our dear friend/Gravity band mate Drew Henkels , who is currently having a bout with technology recording his new album, Protools tech support anyone? I cannot wait to see what Drew's new music work sounds like being that it just keeps getting better!

This sort of NY tour of some of the people we love there, and people who have been whole heartedly supportive of Gravity from start to finish,  was a great send off to the exotic locale where we will spend the next few days sharing our film with a whole different group of makers from across the globe! But first, I must figure out this damn city map?!



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