Re-Cap for Rotterdam

Noticed that a lot of people from the Netherlands have been visiting this here blog lately...! Welcome! Or should I say, Welkom! (Is that right?) My name is Donna K. and I run this site and I thought I should give all the newcomers a brief re-cap about the blog and about the American artist/filmmaker Brent Green's first feature film, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.

I was living in NY and Brent told me to move to a barn in Pennsylvania where he lives and help him make this movie and we built a town in our yard and we made the film (entirely in stop motion animation) and then we screened it and then we screened it with a live, improvised score and then we took down the town and now we are shipping the town around to American museums and showing the film in as many places as we can! One of these places being the 2011 Rotterdamn International Film Festival! We will even be there, in person, for the last screening of the film! I hope that helps everyone who is new around here...can someone pass me the virtual potato chips? Or should I say friets? Anyone? (Real life can be so much better sometimes...!)



Donna K. lives in the Midwest and on the internet. Mostly she writes about her interest in the offline world.