Hello: Hej.

The (evil) jet lag has taken hold! Please excuse any & all errors! I have no clue what time zone any of the Gravity band is in (physically or mentally) at this point but I do know I am awake and that my eyeglasses are so old I am not sure if going for a walk in them at 4am is the greatest idea (types slowly, mistypes, types again). I had always heard that Sweden was a very community centric place- co-ops, communal gardens, community use bikes etc.- but I guess I didn't realize the extent and comfort that this open-ness manifests itself in in daily life. There is a beautiful sense of calm that hugs you here in Malmo as enormous birds (f├ągel) and bunnies (kanin) hop past, a garden (within an expansive organic garden) solely dedicated to promoting insect growth/pollination/children's argricultural education suddenly appears, libraries that outsize any American multiplex (let alone library) permeate the city, parks for both children and adults ease into every path, cobblestone open air markets selling the freshest of fruit dot the cityscape...it really is a spectacular place! It makes me also finally get a grasp on the craft/design culture too, an extension of a do it yourself wonderment in the world makes for simple yet elegent living and a real care into valued things, or should I say a value system of caring not only in objects but in experiences, well being and human existence as well. I realize now that the contemplative beauty of every frame of every Bergman film really does reflect the aura of this culture, a culture I am so proud (and lucky) to be a part of for a few days!

The general feeling of contentment that I feel here makes me pretty excited for tonight's (July 22nd) show which is taking place in the tiny town of Hammenhog about an hour or two north in the Swedish countryside.  We will be playing at Garage Projektet which, from the descriptions I have been hearing, is a artist co-op/exhibition space/music venue in a town whose population is only a little more than double our first night's audience here in Malmo (we even made the Hammenhog community events calendar!)! More soon on Gravity's Scandinavian adventure!



Donna K. is a recent transplant to the Midwest where she can be found exploring culture at large through film programming, writing and her general interest in the world- both on and offline.