Heavy Hanging Oranges

After a delayed flight and too much tv watching on the plane (Me, not Brent of course) we stumbled awake yesterday morning to start taking down our Gravity town to take it to it's new town....but, to our surprise the ambitious, overly competent staff at the ASU Art Museum already disassembled almost the entire set! Oh my goodness, thank you! We did do a bunch of heavy lifting and truck loading the past two days but not nearly enough...which left us with plenty of time to do what one does in Arizona- eat tacos, revel in the un-snowy weather and (still be) amazed by citrus trees!

Speaking of the ASU Museum Staff, a beloved member of their team recently passed away, the lovely Susan Ables.  We got to work with Susan when we were doing the installation down here. She was an amazing, dedicated, joyous person who was a huge part of keeping the museum operating and happy! Everyone at the musuem misses her dearly and I am sure every artist who she ever crossed paths with will remember her fondly as well. Here's to Susan (raises glass), the museum won't be the same without her smile!



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