Coal Mining Row Houses (With Totem Pole)

In attempts to avoid packing for all of the various Gravity related excursions that begin tomorrow Brent & I went to Goggleworks. Goggleworks is a nonprofit artspace located in an old optical lens factory in Reading, PA (which is the nearest bigger sized city to our rural farmland). The space includes dozens of artists studios (most with a nice open door policy), huge exhibition areas, arts organization offices, a pretty impressive folk art gallery, an artisan gift shop and a tiny movie theater that  often manages to program a decent amount of foreign & indie titles to make it worth the drive! The facilities also include a glass/ceramics shop and woodshop (and after consulting the internet it turns out they have darkroom, jewelry and a ton of other available art-centric machinery) that host a wide array of classes for the community and, most importantly, the youth of the greater Reading area.

The last few times we've been there we've seen the progress on this giant totem pole which now guards the Goggleworks parking lot  (above photo also from parking lot)! I kind of wish we were connected to this space a bit would be so much fun to curate a show/film event or run some kind of animation workshop or maybe even do a mini live show there? Who knows what the future will hold for our local art activities but, until then, we'll continue to go to Goggleworks to drink coffee, amble around and procrastinate our encroaching, expansive Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then schedule!



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